As a Freelance Trend Consultant I was brought in to create a large group of Trend Presentations. The preceding image is part of a larger group created for the Head Designer responsible for presenting her new Intimates Collection to Buyers as well as during Market Week. It was a rare opportunity as I was given great liberties in my research and creating of the presentations. Once the trend and design direction was established, I then created the Cad Presentations. Simple silhouettes emerged as a group collection with beautiful elements - Laces, Trims, Embellishments, Graphics, Prints, and the final color story, each time with the appropriate customer in mind.

We have since established a long working relationship and have collaborated on many successful projects. Many of the designs and garment graphics and prints created under our partnership have sold exceptionally well. In addition, our presentations assisted in the creation of new business.
    A large scale Trend Presentation taking inspiration from film maven Marlene Dietrich.

    There's nothing like a Beautiful Flower...

Classic Animal, Sophisticated and Urban, surprising color introductions.
Blending of fabrics and textures. Diaphanous and free flowing, denim and tweed.

This presentation and the one immediately following were part of an initiative to bring in, not only new business, but to expand into a new division with tremendous potential, the Juniors Dormwear market. The Lead Designer on the project presented the original concepts and designs and we worked together in making her vision come to life.

In addition to creating the visual presentation for the potential Buyers, I was responsible for designing the graphic elements and prints that were incorporated into the overall launch as well as defining the eventual Cad silhouette presentations. The project included outlining modern fluid silhouette designs while incorporating fun femininity with embellishments. The finished product conveyed to the Buyer the ideal and overall commitment of feeling for this new customer. The collections were well received and the goal of bringing in new business and reaching a new customer were highly successful.
Trend Presentations - Fashion Intimates

My present collaboration is with a highly talented Corsetry Designer. She is in the process of launching her own line and I was fortunate to have had the chance to collaborate with her on her initial concepts and presentations. I was asked to create a vision of world corsetry with a focus on 7 countries and regions, referencing the huge historical impact feathers have played in corsetry and couture design. The following four concept presentations were created to reflect a world view and historical perspective of corsetry within a modern ultra feminine vision. As the launch expands, we will continue to collaborate on exciting new projects.

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