Project 1776 Landscape Installation Series
Monica Helen Muriglan is a Painter and Landscape Installation artist. After living and working in NYC for the last 20 yrs, she has recently spent time in California's Topanga Canyon before settling in Asheville NC, with the intention of continuing the 1776 Photographic Series expanding into 3D Sculpture and various art forms.
Presented here in photographic form, the Landscape Installation series are created on location all over the United States and are comprised of thousands of images. The first Landscape Installation began back in 2002 and has developed slowly and organically over the years. The Summer of 2011 marks the first time any of the Stories have appeared 'publicly'. 
In October of 2011, The first Landscape Installation Series that would come to be known as 'Project 1776' began at a secret location along the shores of southern New Jersey. The 'Flight of the Falconers' Series was the first of many that would take place on the East Coast Revolutionary War lands, the ancient estuaries of the Lenape people. More recently, the Project 1776 series traveled far to the lands of Kauai and Oahu; in the near future, Maui. Barbados is in the works as well as the planning stages of a few more 'hidden' mainland locations. Since relocating to Asheville, Robin Hood has appeared at Fort Sumter in Charleson, SC as well as Lake Lure in North Carolina. Spring 2019 will mark the venturing out to Savannah, Georgia, a place steeped in ancient history as well as connections to the Civil War, and the American, Haitian and French Revolutions. 
The Photos presented are 'Stills' taken from Landscape Installation Series created between 2003-2018. The Stories have been inspired by our present world, within the archaeology & astronomy of our ancient myths, legends & histories. Each Installation builds on the previous, with characters interacting and often moving between different landscapes.
As with all true myths, there is no end and no beginning. There is only the Story. Within the interweaving of the mysteries, worlds of possibility open up. As each myth crosses over to the next, this interaction or cross section produces new realities. It is a glance towards the future unfolding - to a place unknown and ever changing.
Each Landscape Installation was created on location and in transit. Each Story is made up of many hundreds of stills, totaling in the thousands, and here you will find a small selection of images. The Photo stills stand as individual artworks but the final pieces are considered in their entirety as groups of Photo Installation, Painting, Large Scale Sculpture and Video.